Have A Home? 3 Places You Need A Good Lighting Design

Bright, beautiful light can create functional, warm, and welcoming spaces, making your house feel like a home. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy for homeowners to know where to add light or how, which is why lighting designers are so helpful. Here are a few places around your home you may need lighting design. 

1. Living Spaces

From living rooms to in-home offices, the living spaces in your home need a lot of light. Lighting designers can add layers of light to living areas to create dynamic lighting. 

For instance, they may choose to put a floorlamp in the corner, add a few table lamps, and put can lights in the ceiling so you can brighten up the space as you see fit. During the afternoon or early evening, you may only need to light one of the lamps, but at night, you may choose to turn on all the lights as you clean up before bed. 

2. Outside

Lighting around your home in the evening is essential because it adds another layer of security, as well as making your home easily visible from the street. Ask a lighting designer to give you a bid for illuminating the exterior of your home. 

Lights placed in the rafters can give your home a warm, beautiful glow, while shining lights on landscaping can give your yard a beautiful appearance. Adding string lights to back patios and porches makes your area easy to use regardless of the time of day.  

3. Kitchens

When you cook and clean, you need an ample amount of light to illuminate your space. Kitchens may require pendant lights, canned lighting, and even under-mounted track lighting to brighten up the darker corners of your culinary space. 

If you like to cook, ask the lighting designer to add extra light to spaces that are especially dark and dim since it could make meal preparation easier in the long run. 

Lighting pantries, closets, and even the interior of cabinets can also help since you may need to retrieve things from them throughout the day. Talk with your lighting designer about how to make things as bright and beautiful as possible, and don't shy away from adding extra illumination.  

Before you meet with the lighting design team, think about which areas around your home and yard you use most frequently and what you would like to add. When you schedule an appointment with the designer, try to meet with them at your home in the evening so they can see your lighting concerns firsthand. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers lighting design services.